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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fishing Report 8-22-10


First Off: The high water conditions on many lakes are sure to have been complicated by the heavy rains this week. Expect several local lakes to be declared slow-no-wake for the weekend. Make sure to check at the launch for postings.

Pike are chasing bait and are very active. Look for them in weed clusters in water between 8-15 feet and suspended off main lake structure in 18-26 feet of water. Spinnerbaits, lipless crankbaits or suspending jerkbaits will catch the shallow fish, spoons, crankbaits or suckers on a slip sinker rig will catch the deeper fish.

The quality of the bass bite has been tied to the weather. On days with stable weather and some clouds, the bass will bite. On days with changing conditions, the fish are exhibiting a traditional neutral method with a small strike zone. Live bait will trigger neutral fish, as will a slow falling vertical presentation like a wacky worm, jig and chunk or a light jigworm. Many fish are using the outside weededges in 8-15 feet of water.

Panfish are suspending over deeper water or hugging the bottom near deep structure. Look for them 8- 12 feet down over 20+ foot of water Deep sandgrass is holding some nice gills right now. Try fishing vertically with small jigs and leeches for bigger fish.

Walleye trolling is starting to generate some consistent action. Daytime, slow trolling with spinner harnesses in 15-22 feet of water has been productive, especially on the stable weather days with a little wind. Night time trolling with crankbaits is starting to turn on. Work rock and sand transition areas in 12-18 feet of water, and move deeper if you aren't catching fish. Deep weed edges have been the most consistent areas.

Musky fishing has been slower, but steady.A few fish are still being taken on suckers, but cowgirls, bucktails, sliders and bulldogs fished over submerged weeds have all taken fish the past week to 10 days. Remember to do your figure eights for reluctant biters.

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