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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quickie Fishing Report 5-16-2010

Finally, some sunshine and stable weather.

Here's a quick update on local conditions.

Water temps are in the mid 50's to mid 60's on most area lakes. Weed growth is behind schedule for this time of year, especially on the clear water lakes.

Bass have spawned on many lakes, but a few fish are still protecting fry or nests. Lots of fish are patrolling the shallows, but they are on the smaller side. Plastics, crankbaits, and live bait have all been catching fish.

Pike are using shallow weeds and reedy areas and are chasing juvenile baitfish and panfish. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits are all taking fish.

Musky are moving into transition areas. Fish are making foraging runs a couple times a day into the shallow water, but are holding and feeding on baitfish in 8-22 feet of water.

Tune in Wednesday for a full report.


1 comment:

beboludois said...

Just wanted to express my quick thanks for all of your insights,i've got this page on my favorites list and I check it daily. Ever hit up the Rock River in the Janesville area? Anyways thanks again, Nate