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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Local Tip....

Spider Grubs and You.

I have been out fishing several times the last two weeks, and I'm noticing a couple of things.

1.) Many (but not all) lakes have very limited weed growth

2.) There's lots of baitfish roaming around, but I'm not catching many bass near areas where they are.

Combined, that means just one thing.....the bass are foraging for crawfish.

It makes sense, given the weather we've had, and on lakes with weedgrowth that's behind schedule, the bass will relate to rock, gravel or sand/gravel areas. Crawfish are an excellent source of protein, something larger fish need after the spawn.

Consider using a  skirted or spider grub on a leadhead jig. I like the Chompers brand, but there are many versions, including Kalins, Powerbait and Yum. I fish these baits on a 3/8oz leadlead, football or standup jig head.

Watermelon, green pumpkin or watermelon red are my three favorite colors, but rootbeer green and pumpkin are also great on our local lakes.

Fishing them is easy. Throw it out, let it sink to the bottom, and drag it very slowly back to the boat. After you cast it out, position yourself so that your rod and line are straight out from each other, in line essentially. Hold the rod out from yourself at about ten oclock high, and with line tight, lift the rod slowly to about a twelve oclock position. As you pull the bait along, it will catch on rocks, weeds and other obstructions. When you feel this happen, stop pulling and start shaking the rod ever so slighty. The bait will either bounce over the obstruction or chances are you will get a bite. If you loose contact with the weight of your jig, (the key is to always be in contact with it) make a hook setting motion.

Last point, and its key: Don't move the bait or the rod quickly, do as the Famous Charlie Brewer used to say, polish the rocks. I always tell people, you are fishing it slow enough, if you are fishing it half as fast as you think is slow enough.

Remember, when you land that big one, C-P-R for the future.

Good Luck,

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