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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Article is up

The JS online article is up. Paul's got a great sense of humor.


Basspastor said...

Chris- You gotta learn to turn those dead links into hyperlinks. It's easy. When you are creating or editing a blog post there is an icon with a chain link on top of a green world in both Edit Html and Compose views. Write something like "Article Here", highlight it then click on the icon. That will bring up a pop up that you copy and paste the URL of the website where you want to send people. Once the URL is pasted click OK.

Or you can just go into Compose view paste the URL and it will automatically turn it into a hyperlink.

I recommend in the Edit html view you put in "target="_blank" immediate after the URL. This will make the link open up in a new window.

Chris said...

Thanks Pastor,

I'll give that a try.